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Wii Remote Troubleshooting - Steps to Fixing Wii Remote Problems

Have you been having problems with your Wiimote? Here are some troubleshooting steps that should get you back in the game quick! These tips will work for all Wiimote errors. First of all, make sure that you have properly set up your Wii. Double check to make sure that the sensor bar power cord is firmly attached to the back of the Wii and then chose either you want the sensor bar to be centered above or below your television screen. This is a no brainer, but I will say it anyway: Make sure that you are using fresh ability name brand alkaline batteries in the Wiimote. If you are using rechargeable batteries then make sure that are the new school nickel metal hydride and not old school cadmium.

1. Make sure that the Wiimote controller is at least three to ten feet from your television set.

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2. Is there anyone blocking the signal the is in the middle of the Wii console itself and the sensor bar? If there are then move them out of the way.

Wii Remote Troubleshooting - Steps to Fixing Wii Remote Problems

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3. What else causes sensor bar and Wiimote not to work? Interference from other things such as candles, sunlight, the glow from a fireplace as well as infrared signal from any estimate of devices. Make sure these devices are far away from the Wii. Do you own a remote controlled car or plane? The radio frequency interference from these devices can interfere with permissible Wiimote/sensor bar communication.

4. What other wireless toys do you have laying colse to that could maybe interfere with the Wii? Hows about cordless phone? A computer using wireless internet or wireless input devices like keyboard and mouse? Many population overlook these simple slight things that are causing your Wii not to function properly. This is just because of a simple misunderstanding of what radio frequency and infrared frequency and wireless communication can do to your home environment. Now it is my hope that you understand these basic things so that you get hours of enjoyment from your Wii console.

If after all these steps are you still having problems? If the earlier steps did not get you back in the game here are some more things you can do to get back in the game fast! If your Wiimote is still not communicating with the Wii console, then you need to get your Wii console to shake hands or get "synced" with your Wiimote again. This can be hard if the Wiimote you are using is not the former factory issue one that came with your console. The fact is if the Wiimote was working and now it is not! Then you need to synchronize the Wiimote to the controller again.

Here are some more troubleshooting steps to help you fix your Wiimote problem and get back in the game:

1. Turn the Wii console power off. Then go to the wall and unplug the power cord from the outlet. Wait about sixty seconds and then plug the power cord back in the wall.

2. Turn the power back on. If you see a health and safety screen, then look for and find the small flap on the front of your Wii console and then find and push a slight red button that says "sync" on it. Press this button and hold it down for about thirty seconds. This should clear all of the syncs that have taken place on your Wii. It is like clearing a memory or resetting to factory defaults if you will.

3. Now, after the button has been held down for at least thirty seconds you can now get down to doing a re-sync with your Wiimote.

4. Now, take the Wiimote that you want to sync and take off the battery cover and you will find a slight red button under your batteries. Press this button quickly and publish it and you should see blinking blue lights on the front of your Wiimote.

5. Go back to the console and press then sync button under the flap again. Then if all has worked properly you should see a player Led has stopped blinking and this means your re-sync is done! These procedures will need to be performed for each supplementary Wiimote that you want to use on your system.

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