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The TomTom Go Meets All Your Gps Needs

Gps or Global Positioning ideas was first invented by the U.S Military. A Gps ideas can tell position, speed and time through some specifically coded signals. The satellites that receive these signals move around the earth 24*7. Today, even the civilians can also use Gps to navigate their position free of cost and the aid of the Gps is totally accurate.

Although the accuracy of the Gps signal is totally up to the mark, sometimes they get blocked in front of a tall building or in underground or underwater. Gps devices can receive as many signals under a clear sky. In new times, we have seen many cell phones to incorporate Gps signals.

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A Gps device proves out to be very beneficial when you are at an unknown place or are travelling to a foreign country. Not only that, it also helps you find your wandering toddler or your old parents, even in crowded places. In case of an emergency, or ultimate conditions, Gps systems could save lives.

The TomTom Go Meets All Your Gps Needs

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Gps systems can be installed in a vehicle to provide audio voice prompts, challenging colorful maps, and can uncover your car if it is parked in a jam-packed parking lot. The Gps devices these days have come to be so user cordial that anyone can setup them and uninstall them and also programme them in just about any vehicle.

Buying a Gps device is a big speculation and the reliability and the warranty of the device should also be checked by reading reviews. Gps devices come in these basic types namely, hand-held, automotive, nautical and tracking. Automotive devices are generally installed in cars while hand-held ones are used when travelling. nautical Gps devices are installed in boats to navigate on the water and tracking devices are used to track the movement of a running vehicle.

Dutch Gps manufacturer TomTom produces the most popular Gps ideas today, called the TomTom One. The TomTom One is loaded with features like customization options, multi-destination routing, urgency locator service, text-to-speech, and places of interest near your position. It is a good idea to browse through the amount places of interests offered by the Gps device you are planning to buy. The usual amount is round about 6 million.

Basic features of the TomTom Go:

The TomTom Go has a processor from Intel, 32 Mb Ram, A Tft or Lcd touchscreen, a 12 channel Gps unit with a built-in-antenna, Sd memory slots, integral loudspeakers, a mini-Usb device port, 3D maps, and a roadblock interface. The ideas is based on Linux. The device weighs only 11 ounce. The battery gives upto 5 hours of backup.

The 12 channel Gps unit of the TomTom Go comes with'assisted satellite navigation' which helps the device to find the location if a tall building is around or if a tunnel is approaching.

The latest version of the The TomTom Go has preloaded maps of the U.S.A and Europe, 4 Gb of internal memory, an Sd card for extending the memory, Bluetooth, Mp3 player, Fm transmitter and many more features.

Now you can get an ultra developed and problem-free Gps pilotage in the form of the small TomTom Go which also has a remote control!

Enjoy travelling!

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