Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Play Your Day Away with Google+ Games!

Play Your Day Away with Google+ Games! Video Clips. Duration : 4.27 Mins.

GeekBeatTV #226: revision3.com Games arrive on Google+, MacBook Pro 3G rumors, & Google is buying Motorola Mobility! Please Like, Favorite, Add to Playlist and Share todays GeekBeatTV episode! Games Arrive on Google+ Games have arrived on Google+ with the new function rolling our to more and more users. Bejeweled Blitz, Angry Birds, Zombie Lane and more are now at your finger tips on the service. geekbeat.tv Fly a Fleet of RC Helicopters If one remote-controlled helicopter is fun, how awesome is a fleet of three, all flown from the same iPhone? iremoco.myshopify.com MacBook Pro 3G Rumor According to a purported prototype on Craig's List, a 3G-enabled MacBook Pro could be in development. www.macrumors.com Google Buying Motorola Mobility Google is moving to purchase Motorola Mobility. What does this mean for the future of both companies and the Android platform? geekbeat.tv Sponsored by SquareSpace Want to get a great looking web site you can build with drag-and-drop simplicity? SquareSpace can help you out, and with promo code geekbeat7 you can save 10% off for 3 months if you sign up in July. squarespace.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook facebook.com Cali on Twitter twitter.com If you had one word to describe Google, what would that one word be? Thanks for watching Geekers!

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