Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marmitek IR Control 8 video English

Marmitek IR Control 8 video English Video Clips. Duration : 2.05 Mins.

Watch the Marmitek video about IR Control 8 People who like to have a neat and tidy interior often prefer to locate their Audio and Video equipment, such as blu-ray players and digital TV decoders in a closed cupboard. As a result, however, it is impossible to operate the devices without opening the cupboard doors each time. So how can you find a professional solution to this? The IR Control8 is the ideal solution for extending the infrared signal. It allows you to locate up to eight devices out of sight and continue to operate them remotely. The IR receiver can be located wherever you like as long as it remains in view of your remote control. Would you prefer to fully integrate the system into your cabinet? Then go for the built-in receiver which can be installed in your cabinet. Place the IR LEDs on your A/V devices' IR windows. The IR Control8 set allows you to connect 4 devices straight away and then expand the system to include another 4. Plug the IR LED cables into the IR module. Then plug the IR receiver in and provide the module with a power source. You can then install the IR module into your cabinet or just place it in your cupboard. Result: You can continue to use your existing remote controls without your devices having to be visible. The IR Control 8 can be extended up to 300 metres and is, therefore, also the perfect solution if your device is located in another room. IR Control 8 Product information: - Operate all your A/V equipment that is out of sight ...

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