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How To Flash A Phone To Cricket Or Metro Pcs

Flash or Flashing--Technically, flashing refers to the overwriting or re-writing of the phone's firmware. There are many phones which can be flashed to cricket with all features working. On most Cdma phones, programming the phone can be done "over the air" by dialing a extra code, normally *228 or some variation. Colloquially speaking, flashing can also loosely mean making a phone from one carrier work on someone else carrier. The easy way to tell the discrepancy is that if your phone does Not take a Sim card, then it is probably Cdma.

To flash a phone to cricket you will be overwriting th phones firmware. The firmware is software in the phone that doesn't turn when you turn it off, and it cannot be deleted unless it is overwritten, hence flashed. It requires definite files called prl files.Prl or Prl File--Short for favorite Roaming List--A small text file containing instructions for how a phone connects to a definite network's radio towers It is normally loaded by connecting the phone to a computer to overwrite its data. There are a few tools used such as a pst Pst--Short for Phone service Tool or Tools--Special software used by phone manufacturers to agenda their phones. And also a monster file - -"Monster File"/"Monster Pack", Rom, or "Kitchen"--System software that is needed to flash a phone.

Remote Tv Code

In approximately all case you will need to way the phones service programming menu- - -Service Programming Menu--A extra menu typically secret from the traditional User Interface that allows for "deep programming" of a phone.You will also need way to msl and spc codes definite to the gismo you are flashing.Msl/Spc--Special six-digit codes needed to way service programming features on the phone. way to the service programming menu can be disabled in a phone's firmware.

How To Flash A Phone To Cricket Or Metro Pcs

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Depending on your phone, it may need extra steps to unlock or get Wap and Mms working. That is why you need the msl/spc codes to allow deep programming to unlock these features. Not all phones will be capable to way wap or send and receive mms.

Ringtones generally have to be prepaid using a flex bucket. It is best to download ringtones before you flash your phone to cricket since they have a wee choice of ringtones and wallpapers.There are cases were flashed phones will not be able to download ringtones directly from cricket.

The details outlined above will not only work with cricket but you can also flash phones to metro pcs using the data in case,granted above. It is best to do all your research before purchasing your phone to ensure that the cell phone you are interested in can be flashed to cricket or metro Pcs.

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